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The Gorison Traveler Incident

Vivian is a cultural specialist on the United Earth fleet ship Gorison Traveler. Its the perfect job for someone who wants to learn everything about aliens. The only problem? The commander wont let her anywhere near the visiting Keters aboard the ship. The only way she gets a peek at the lizard-like race is when her brother opens a live camera feed during a meetinga meeting that turns tragic when the Keters attack the crew. Shes horrified. Scared. The Keters are murdering her people. Rushing from her quarters to get help from a control center, Vivian finds the station abandoned. Its all on her to try to rescue the crew. Brassi is a Veslor trader who picks up a distress signal from a nearby space vessel. The attractive female who contacts him looks terrified, and needs his help. Hell board the Gorison Traveler with his crewmates, and fight the Keters, but the longer he spends on the huge Earth vessel, the greater distraction Vivian becomes. Brassi will do whatever it takes to save heran...

Title : The Gorison Traveler Incident
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ISBN : 44403395
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 222 pages
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The Gorison Traveler Incident Reviews

  • Gizzie

    This book starts out with a bang and just keeps going. I loved the story. Be aware it gets gory. The reason for a 3 is that the book needs a little polishing. Brassi's eyes were suppose to be gold and in one place in the book they were gray. There were maybe 1 or 2 other mistakes too. Not enough to take away from the story though. Also i though there was a little too much background information in places. All in all it was a good read and worth the money. Thank you Laurann for your wonderful sto ...more

  • Nike

    Another great series by Laurann Donhner! This New Species Alien mix is hot, hot, hot!! I’m looking forward to the crew finding their mates

  • Annika

    3.5 points

    I am highly entertained by the same authors New Species series but it looks like her alien stories leave me fairly tepid. Not badly written, I just don't seem to engage. The beginning was quite promising but going on, every single character seemed to be a stereotype of some sorts - Spiffy Heroine, Asshole Evil Boss, Brother Figure, Brainy Hacker Girl With A Dirty Mouth, Noble Alien, Emotionally Damaged Alien With A Sad Back Sory etc.

  • Paula

    I got what I expected. I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️


    This is not a drill. I repeat. Not.A.Drill.

    3.5 stars

    I loved this and kinda hated it at the same time cause it's so freaking awesome, like homecoming and it's been too long but it was too short for my tastes and is only the first book in the series and it only just came out so it will be a while till the next books come along and I need them more than my next breath and it's just not fair cause I've waited so long for another New Species book that still isn't here but we get new

  • DemetraP

    He's an alien who can turn into an alien panther. He has claws and likes to growl. Basically he wants her from the moment he sees her. She feels the same way.

    I took off 1 star because there is some gore (people being eaten alive) and some deaths of crew members.

    I'll definitely read more in this series. All of the hero's "grouping" his family made from friends, are all looking for a human female to settle down with.

  • Trisha Turner

    So so so very very wonderful!

    I loved this book! It has adventure, romance, humor and handsome aliens. I can't wait for the next one in this series!

  •  B.E.Love

    4 1/2 stars.

    Great start to a new series, and I'm guessing we will get more from this series pretty quickly. Which I'm excited about. If I was being picky I would say the bad guy in this book was just stupid. Yes he was bad but what some kept saying about the heroine just made them all look like idiots. I also think the ending situation was different but Lauren Dohner made it work. I can't wait for book two and I know who I'm hoping it's about already.