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I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir

It is time. It is time to free our voice.To speak is a revolution.For too long, through the most intimate acts of erasure, women have been silenced. Now, women everywhere are breaking through the limits placed on us by family, society, and tradition. To find our voices. To make space for ourselves in this world. Now is the moment to reclaim what was once lost, stolen, forsaken, or abandoned. I Am Yours is about my fight to protect and free my voice from those who have sought to silence me, for the sake of creating a world where all voices are welcome and respected. Because the voice, without intimacy, will atrophy. Were in this together. You are mine, and I am yours....

Title : I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir
Author :
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ISBN : 9781948705110
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 300 pages
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I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir Reviews

  • Lisa Ellison

    Constructed as a love letter to her highest self, Zaman’s memoir chronicles her journey from young Bangladeshi girl trying to accommodate a world of loud silences filled with male rage and female grief to a force of nature who authors her own truth. As a teen and young adult, Zaman strives for perfection in beauty, creativity, and love, hoping her hard work will allow her to give voice to the voiceless. The barriers she faces along the way—loneliness, an eating disorder, sexual violence, and emo ...more

  • Abby Maslin

    I couldn't catch my breath my entire way through this stunning memoir. Zaman's prose is both poetic and distinctive; I'm not sure I can think of another author whose nonfiction writing is quite so lyrical. I fell in love with Reema over the course of this book and found myself nodding, "Me too," at so many of the poignant and painful moments of womanhood she describes here. Of course, this is what the author intended all along. This is a memoir about her life, but it is indeed the journey of eve ...more

  • Dhrisya

    Came across this book accidentally when i was browsing through netgalley and having never tried out the genre of "Memoir", I decided to give it a chance.

    "I AM YOURS: A SHARED MEMOIR", the title of book might at first seems cheesy but when you finally start reading it will be revealed to you the greatest suspense in this title and you just keep on reading, growing with it. The book being not an ordinary memoir but a shared one for that matter holds collective memory of lot of people and is the sw

  • Menna

    More like a 3.5 rating. The Dear Sugars podcast episode on emotional abuse that featured Reema Zaman was one of the most compelling things I heard in 2018. I pre-ordered her memoir as soon as I had Wi-Fi access again. I definitely felt seen by this book, especially the parts that describe her parents' relationship and her upbringing. It was as empowering as I expected, but there were a few aspects of the reading experience that ticked me off. I didn't appreciate her repetition of needing to be a ...more

  • Ronita Banerjee

    "I am here. I love you. I am yours."

    Name- I am Yours

    Written by- Reema Zaman

    Published by- Amberjack Publishing

    Pages- 317


    Who does we truly belong to in this world?

    There might be several answers to this question but the right one would be- "ourselves"..

    "I am yours" is a beautiful memoir written by Reema Zaman. Memoirs are personal, memoirs truly belong to the author.

    Reema Zaman's life might not be special or out of ordinary but it is much more. A tale of a journey. A journey towards self-di

  • Melanie Brooks

    A Fearless and Gorgeously Rendered Memoir

    Reema Zaman's inspiring journey to free her voice from the cultural binds that kept her silent is an enthralling and cinematic read. Her unflinching honesty and the poetic beauty of her words are the pearls residing in the pages of this book. Zaman meticulously unpacks the complexity of her own experiences with sexual violence, intimate partner abuse, and anorexia with the clear purpose of offering hope, healing, and companionship to anyone who might find

  • Tess

    I am a bit baffled by the description of this book versus the content. It is clearly a memoir, as it depicts the author's life from her literal birth up until the decision to write said book. It seems to be a lot of platitudes from someone who has a very privileged background. I feel for the author's trauma and struggles, but I do not understand how this is translated into the description of a women's revolution and freeing our voices. I was also taken aback by the fat-shaming, and discussions o ...more

  • Amy Bond

    The poetry of Reema Zaman’s beautiful book “I Am Yours” is so flawless and so musical that when I read it, it feels like she’s whisper singing the words of it into my ear, like a secret she is sharing with only me. It is so vulnerable and trusting that reading “I Am Yours” is akin to looking into a puddle after rain and seeing my own reflection in a clearer light. Even though her experiences are hers, she tells them with such bold understanding that her stories feel universally mine too.