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I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir

It is time. It is time to free our voice.To speak is a revolution.For too long, through the most intimate acts of erasure, women have been silenced. Now, women everywhere are breaking through the limits placed on us by family, society, and tradition. To find our voices. To make space for ourselves in this world. Now is the moment to reclaim what was once lost, stolen, forsaken, or abandoned. I Am Yours is about my fight to protect and free my voice from those who have sought to silence me, for the sake of creating a world where all voices are welcome and respected. Because the voice, without intimacy, will atrophy. Were in this together. You are mine, and I am yours....

Title : I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir
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ISBN : 9781948705110
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 300 pages
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I Am Yours: A Shared Memoir Reviews

  • Lauren

    Zaman's writing is poetic yet gripping, not a combination you often come across. Zaman's memior focuses on relationships. The complicated relationship between her parents, her emotionally abusive relationships with men and her unhealthy relationship with her own body and eating disorder.

    Regarding her eating disorder, "as with any behavior that is self-admonishing, when things feel calm, I eat well, rest well and speak to myself kindly. When around chaos, I revert to punishment, tucking tightly

  • Heather

    I read this book and while I feel there were some good things to be found in this book, this was not the book that speaks to my soul that the author had been searching for.

    The author has has an interesting life and I enjoy her trying to show and give love to everyone. I at times found her arrogant and unlikable. I also felt her hurt at times especially when she was with her ex-husband.

    I am giving this book 3 stars because I feel there are people out there who will love this book. I thought it

  • Dana Mich

    The #MeToo movement has created a vital outlet for women to break the silence, and understandably, the focus has centered on women’s anger. But what women need, now more than ever, is a courageous first-person narrative that celebrates the one true agent of empowerment: self-love. Reema Zaman’s memoir, I Am Yours, (which I was lucky enough to read in advance) is the manifestation of this message. Readers follow Zaman's journey beginning with her upbringing in a patriarchal society and household, ...more

  • Dhrisya

    Came across this book accidentally when i was browsing through netgalley and having never tried out the genre of "Memoir", I decided to give it a chance.

    "I AM YOURS: A SHARED MEMOIR", the title of book might at first seems cheesy but when you finally start reading it will be revealed to you the greatest suspense in this title and you just keep on reading, growing with it. The book being not an ordinary memoir but a shared one for that matter holds collective memory of lot of people and is the sw

  • Amy Bond

    The poetry of Reema Zaman’s beautiful book “I Am Yours” is so flawless and so musical that when I read it, it feels like she’s whisper singing the words of it into my ear, like a secret she is sharing with only me. It is so vulnerable and trusting that reading “I Am Yours” is akin to looking into a puddle after rain and seeing my own reflection in a clearer light. Even though her experiences are hers, she tells them with such bold understanding that her stories feel universally mine too.

  • sarah  morgan

    Net Galley ARC. Some girls are just larger than life and Reema Zaman is certainly one of those. She grew up in Bangladesh where her looks did not draw much attention. But once she until left, she stood out no matter where she lived. World traveler, New York model, speaker, and essayist, she writes from her earliest memories—wonderfully, in a child's voice—and on through her young career, her challenging love affairs, anorexia, and her desire to change the world. She bares it all. Beautiful prose ...more

  • Melanie Brooks

    A Fearless and Gorgeously Rendered Memoir

    Reema Zaman's inspiring journey to free her voice from the cultural binds that kept her silent is an enthralling and cinematic read. Her unflinching honesty and the poetic beauty of her words are the pearls residing in the pages of this book. Zaman meticulously unpacks the complexity of her own experiences with sexual violence, intimate partner abuse, and anorexia with the clear purpose of offering hope, healing, and companionship to anyone who might find

  • Lara Lillibridge

    I Am Yours is unlike any memoir I’ve read. It’s written as a love letter to her inner voice, an outpouring of love and acceptance. Reema Zaman has taken back her voice from those who wished to silence it, writing for all of us whom have ever felt invisible. This book is intrinsically female, and that is its overwhelming beauty and its strength. Zaman takes the reader from her childhood through an path littered with men who sought to own her, diminish her, and wound her, and then brings us out in ...more