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Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos

If you work hard enough, if you want it enough, if youre smart and talented and good enough, you can do anything.Except get pregnant.Her whole life, Lucy Knisley wanted to be a mother. But when it was finally the perfect time, conceiving turned out to be harder than anything shed ever attempted. Fertility problems were followed by miscarriages, and her eventual successful pregnancy plagued by health issues, up to a dramatic, near-death experience during labor and delivery.This moving, hilarious, and surprisingly informative memoir not only follows Lucys personal transition into motherhood but also illustrates the history and science of reproductive health from all angles, including curious facts and inspiring (and notorious) figures in medicine and midwifery. Whether youve got kids, want them, or want nothing to do with them, theres something in this graphic memoir to open your mind and heart....

Title : Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos
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ISBN : 30145085
Format Type : Paperback
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Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos Reviews

  • Hannah Garden

    One of Lucy Knisley's undeniable strengths is that she is hardcore a Capricorn: by the age of thirty-one, as she tells you herself in this very book, she'd published five graphic memoirs, each one as cleanly constructed as if from a kit, gleaming with that I-write-outlines-for-my-to-do-lists singlemindedness goats are known for.

    I've read almost all of them. They are each of them lovely, bright and tidy as a paperdollhouse. And I slam through them--as unselfconsciously personal memoirs by a woman

  • Laura

    I got this book, yesterday, when it came out. I sat down to read it, during work, and found it hard to put down, even though I knew it would all come out right in the end.

    What is the point of a story where we know the ending? Because the journey is the reward, not the destination.

    Do you read stories to find out the ending? If so, then you will be disappointed with this book, because this comes out two years after the birth of Pal, so not only do we know he was born, we also know that Lucy succee

  • Olive (abookolive)

    This is now one of my favorite Lucy Knisley books.

    As she discusses in this book, in each of her previous works, she chronicles a transitional point in her life. In the popular French Milk, she is a markedly less sympathetic character, being in that moody period of her late teenage years. But in her subsequent works, we see her develop into a passionate, empathetic adult who struggles to balance a career, family, and relationships.

    In her animated form, we walk with Lucy back into a "never-quite

  • Jamie

    First, this 5-star glowing review is coming from a woman who never wants to have kids.

    I think this would benefit all people, especially women, yes, but also wouldn't it be nice to mail a copy to all the anti-abortion males who think that a pregnant woman should have to have the baby, no matter what. With the historical horrors covered and the author's eye-popping experiences through conception, pregnancy, and birth, it seems like you would have to come face-to-face with your sadism to deny women

  • Elise (LiveLoveYarn)

    This was really, really good. I highly recommend it for parents or people thinking of becoming parents someday. I, myself, have a lot of anxiety around that prospect and this very real yet still humorous look at pregnancy and childbirth was oddly refreshing. I say "oddly refreshing" because there are some really heavy issues in here, issues that should have triggered my anxiety. However while reading this did not alleviate my anxiety it did validate it, which sometimes is better. Getting pregnan ...more

  • Ashley

    I always feel the same way when I finish a new Lucy Knisley book. It’s so weird to have followed her since the very beginning of her career (through a stroke of luck, I’ve followed her blog from the beginning, before she published a book, because a friend also followed her), to essentially watch her life progress without having spoken a single word to her. (This is especially true since I started following her on Instagram after her son was born. She’s been posting lots of comics about her finic ...more

  • Kate Olson

    This book blew me away. Kid Gloves is an (adult) graphic-format memoir of trying to conceive, pregnancy and childbirth, and Knisley doesn't hold back in writing and drawing about struggles, grief and ALL of the ups and downs (and physical detail) of this stage of her life. I highly recommend this to anyone who has any interest in this topic as well as to high school health teachers, since the book touches on things the author wishes had been taught in school about birth control.

  • Maggie

    This is just the book I needed right before being induced on April 2nd. It’s realistic and not all pretty. It also broke my heart at times but makes me excited about becoming a mom. This book should be for anyone who’s having or had a baby because it’s awesome.